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People often wait for weeks and even months to get their visa approved for travel however, some countries have introduced a faster and convenient way of obtaining a travel visa. This type of visa system is designed to be used by a certain Nationalities which simple means not anybody in any country of the world can go for it. Some citizens are still required to visit the embassy or consular office for the traditional procedure.

The E-visa

This is an official document that permits people who are eligible to obtain it to enter and travel to or within a specific country or territory. The visa is obtained by accessing the Visa issuing platform (website) of the country they intend to visit. They applicant may have to create an account or in some case just fill in their personal details and other required information then pay the Visa fee and wait for few house, days or in some cases instantly be granted the visa. The visa is received by email or instantly printed out as a hard copy upon submission and approval.

Below we provide links that will take you directly the E-visa platform of some country where you can access and apply for your visa, keep in mind these categories usually are Visit, Tourism, Business, Transit, short stay etc.

New Zealand

The country’s immigration body provides a good variety of visas to international travelers. Candidate applying for a visa have to choose on which best suit their purpose which includes work visas, student visas, visitor visas, join family visas, business visas, investment visas, and residence visas with different stay durations.

Visit the Link below to apply for New Zealand E-visa


Russia has her own basic Conditions for issuing an e-visa the visa is issued online for tourist, business, humanitarian and guest. One good thing about the Russian e-visa is that the Applicants applying for the visa do not need an invitation from someone resident in Russia, hotel booking or any other documents confirming the purpose of his/her travel the Russian Federation.

Apply for Russian Visa Online


India being a great destination for students, especially those in the medical field, India offers robust online visa issuance platform and provides a broad range of online visas categories which includes tourism, medical, medical attendant, business, employment, project, intern, student, diplomat visa.

  Apply Now for Indian Visa Online


Malaysian provides e-visa for a good number of countries. Citizens from the following countries are eligible to apply for Malaysian e-visa.

Serbia, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan, Myanmar, and Montenegro.

Apply for Malaysian Visa Onlin

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