24-Hours Emergency Line

+237 620 40 77 86 | +1 202 894 5911

Material Support Needed:

Office stationeries

laptops, Photocopiers, printers, Cameras, Storage devices, Network & communication devices, taps, files etc

Means of Field transport

We need motor bikes/Bus for field activities.

Emergency Van

We need a ambulance(s) to rescue persons in emergencies


We need sewing machines and other tools to assist young vulnerable persons to build their capacities in income generation for their livelihoods

Human Resource Need:

Goodwill Ambassadors

Friends who can help let the word know who we are and what we do.

Donate Your Skills

We need Creative mind and skills volunteers of in any field


We Need fundraisers and donors.

Donation Boxes

People who can make it easier for donors to give. (You can help provide collection boxes in homes and offices for Goodwill Foundation.)

Joint Efforts

Friends who can pair up with others to sponsor a project when they can’t assist as individuals.

Web Hosting & Domains

We help hosting, Maintaining and running our foundation website


International, Regional and local volunteers including interns or researchers from professional schools and universities.

Sacrifice for Humanity

We need people who can sacrifice for Goodwill Foundation. You can plan and carry sporting activity or other for potential givers to assist our mission.

Financial Support:

10 USD

Will provide transportation for a volunteer to run errands and support to a person need

20 USD

Will buy a bag of cement to construct a toilet in a local community

50 USD

Will provide clothing and food for an orphan or a vulnerable child

100 USD

Will pay office rent per month.

100 USD

Will provide a blanket to an elderly person

100 USD

Will enable a young vulnerable girl undergo a vocational training for 2 month.

250 USD

Will employ one permanent staff in Goodwill Foundation for a month.

400 USD

Will help a person need to start up a petit business as a source of income to raise money for their selves and care for their family.