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Goodwill Gesture

A large proportion of the Cameroon population is directly dependent on agriculture, its contribute to contributes just an average to the country's GDP which indicate overdependence, unemployment and underemployment in the sector. Goodwill Foundation believe that there is a need to bring paradigm shift towards agriculture and its numerous tangible and intangible benefits.

Farm Program

The focus here is on bringing more cultivable land under assured irrigation, thus enabling farmers to sow economically viable crops like vegetables in rabi season, and increasing productivity and survival percentage of existing and recently planted orchards. These initiatives are bolstered by exposure visits for new adoptees and imparting technical knowledge by agri domain experts which aids in augmenting income levels of farmers who are otherwise largely dependent on growing rainfed paddy in the kharif season.

Farm Program

Off-farm activities include dairy, goat rearing, fishing and poultry. Dairy is introduced to  develop an ecosystem around dairy farming and promote dairy as a sustainable livelihood option, which creates a steady revenue stream throughout the year for households. It also includes providing sustainability options to farmers like hydroponic fodder, azolla, mineral mixture, nutrition management and advisory services coupled with market linkages.Poultry is tailor made for the weaker sections of the community who are unable to adopt other economic development programmes. It provides a regular revenue and healthy protein source for the community. The focus here is on women SHGs and is helping in developing their entrepreneur skills. Goat rearing as a livelihood option is being adopted mainly by the tribal community, women lead households and poorest of poor sections of the society. Swades has helped in introduction of improved breeds of goat, veterinary support and health advisory to strengthen and make this programme sustainable.

SkillsTraining Prpgram

The non- farm activities include skills training to youths and their placement in formal employment and enterprise development. It aims at enhancing the skills of the unemployed youth, thus empowering them to be placed in better jobs with higher salaries. This helps in augmenting the income levels of the household and instills a sense of pride amongst rural youth. Supporting new entrepreneurs with adequate training, exposure visits and best practises for enterprise development is also a part of the non-farm programme.