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The Goodwill Mission

Using a community centered approach to Support the most vulnerable people on education, wealth creation and health emphasizing on gender equality to transform human societies with creative capacities that make long lasting differences

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How We Work

Through a careful data collection and evaluation we initiate various programs base on where need is most. With the right kind of support from friends, and family, vulnerable people are provided shelter, food, sustainable economics opportunities, sanitation, and basic health care.

Child Sponsorship Program

These are from poor families and poverty reduces their readiness for school and other livelihood opportunities, this creates a barrier for their societal inclusion and limit them from excelling. Children pictured urgently needs a sponsor. As you offer help, hope, encouragement and support! You are Blessed! Your generosity will enable greater opportunities and a brighter feature. Sponsor a child today for only $30 per month.

Help us reach our goals



AGE: 17

Location: Mbingo, CMR

Dream Career: Scientist 


AGE: 17

Location: Belo, CMR

Dream Career: Doctor


AGE: 17

Location: Bambili, CMR

Dream Career: Engineer

As children are identified and added to our data on daily bases, you are welcome to request Goodwill Foundation select a child for you base on your personal views

How we spent Dollar

When you sponsored a child, you are providing:


No hidden cost for children attending school, these includes boarding costs, books, tuition, school uniforms, meals, and other fees


Transportation to and from school and training sites facilitate and encourages the child


We provide boarding for the homeless and those coming from remote areas with no family members in localities of schools. This carries many benefits, as students can be more focused on their studies and have structured, healthy routines


It can be extremely hard to concentrate, stay awake, and focus on learning if you do not know exactly where your next breakfast/meal will be coming from. Eating breakfast have inherent nutritional and metabolic benefits. Goodwill Foundation helps Children receive breakfast and other meals, so that they can focus on their learning and their education can reach its greatest

Health Care

Goodwill Sponsorship covers the cost of basic health care and vaccinations for students in order for them to make the most out of their learning experience


Project is intended to enhance and improve the enrolment of 200 poor/vulnerable children in schools by the end of 2023



We are advocating & mainstreaming Vocational skills training in Kom Community on economic trades


Orphan Child

Goodwill Foundation is working to accommondate, carter and provide for 20 Orphan children in Bamenda.