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Corona Virus

Working Together To Defeat Corona Virus

Working Together To Defeat the Covid-19 Pandemic

Since the outbreak of the deadly Covid-19 Pandemic, the world has lost its freedom to an alarming attack which has brought about so much discomfort. The number of deaths recorded which is not less than four million recorded within a period of two years, has provoked so much insecurity and uncertainty. Not only has COVID-19 pandemic affected the infected but the world at large. The virus which is spread through infected droplets of body fluids deposited in air is very contagious. In response to this attack, desperate measures have been taken at both local and international levels to cut the spread of the virus. However, the results of this measures haven’t been satisfactory since the virus continuously spread every day.

It therefore presents a need to reconsider, emphasize and strategize measures in order that the COVID-19 pandemic can be defeated. It is an unfortunate situation that the wearing of facemask which has been emphasized since the outbreak of the virus as a safe measure has raised a serious threat to the fight. This results from the fact that local authorities assigned to check the application of this measure, do so in such an unfriendly manner that scares the population. It has been observed that, many laypersons who might have accidentally forgotten to take a facemask while going out, ignorantly turn to beg or pick up one along the road so as to avoid harassments from these authorities without considering whether it is safe or not. On the contrary, unity and love is a needed weapon in the fight. Authorities should rather give out facemask to individuals on daily basis while sensitizing them on its benefits.

Inclusively, the caution by health workers to constantly and properly wash hands with clean water and soap is a difficult measure to uphold in many countries. It is absolutely safe to wash hands before touching mouth, nose and eyes, and also after touching an exposed surface. The difficulty faced in its implementation is the unavailability of clean running water in most countries. It is therefore important to ensure that there is constant availability of water flowing at taps. In addition, hand washing stations which are placed at public places like schools and markets should be constantly filled with water. In like manner reports have also shown that an adequate measure to cut the spread of the virus is a check on social distancing. This measure seeks to ensure that infected persons do not come in close contacts with healthy people in order to reduce disease transmission.

Measures taken to ensure its implementation holds that, public buildings should be closed and crowded meetings should be cancelled. This implies that some businesses, schools, and other financial institutions go nonoperational. Therefore, no income made and it promises a hard life in a long run or after the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. For this reason, to better ensure that the economy is not completely destabilized in the course of the fight, technological approaches should be enforced to run several activities like online learning for schools and online marketing which includes special delivery services implemented to control meetings since people may not have any reasons to move out.

Similarly, it is important to create special treatment site for people already infected with the virus since the virus is too contagious and managing those already infected with the virus and those not infected in the same environment. Health workers should also be very vigilant so that they will be able to notice any symptoms.

Nevertheless, life will be easier, and COVID-19 pandemic easily managed, with little or no restrictions if vaccination is carried out all over the world. Vaccination helps to make the body immune to the virus and reduces the harm caused even when the disease invades a human body. The challenge now faced is the unwillingness of many people to take the vaccine because of the myths that are attributed to it. It is however too important and shouldn’t be ignored, therefore, the population needs to be sensitized on the effects and importance of the vaccine.

Conclusively, it is worth noting that, COVID-19 pandemic is a common enemy to all humans and can only be defeated if the world works as one. Ideas, new inventions, and innovations that could be useful in cutting the spread of the virus should be shared across the world. Sensitization should also be carried out daily. If this measures are fully applied, COVID-19 pandemic, will be defeated.

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