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Menchum Project

Goodwill Foundation is in Menchum to improve livelihood and enhance the enrolment of Poor Children in school, with majority being girls age 8 to 17 years old

Statement of Problem

In the fight against poverty, education is the foundation to all especially to girls. However, access to education in Menchum is low. This is because of reasons cause is poverty itself. Reversing this situation is importance for empowering poor children.

Specific Objectives

To enhance the enrolment of poor students in the school. To initiate the community to advocate for poor children to have access to education. To increase the access of poor girls to education. To change the life condition of poor children through education. To enable future potential employment opportunities for the children.


Target Group

Several ways to contribute to the project including but not limited to Donations, Referring, fund raising on behalf of Goodwill Foundation to volunteering with us in the field

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