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Devon is anxiously waiting for a sponsor. She needs your financial support of USD 30 per month to have to pursure her education and have other new opportunities to grow physically, mentally and spiritually.

Age:  4
Gender:  Male
Location: Mbingo, Cameroon
Dream Job:  IT Specialist


Attending Secondary School, with performace Below Average

Home Duties

House Cleaning, Dish washing, Washing Clothes, Running Errands,


Video Games, soccer, Singing, Reading and Movies


One Sibling


Parents Married, Father is living with child and Mother is living with child

Where The Money Goes

Sponsorship per month equiped the children with education facilities. The children will also have access to the essential health care they need as well as food to enable them stay focus on learning

Sponsor Devon

How Does Sponsorship Work?

This is a way of giving that also connects you with one child in need. Sponsoring gives that child and so many others the chance to grow up healthy, educated and safe


Welcome Letters to and from your child will allow you to learn about each other’s lives and share moments and encouragement.

Photos Of Your Child

Regular photos of your child and shared with you to know how the child growing and fairing.


You will also recivevd regular updates on your child’s progress and information on local crises that affect them.